Poetic Side: David and Pius – Bolaji Ramos


David and Pius…
Banana skin below our learned legs,
When it slips us to a fall,
The mountain of books on our arms
The iceberg of laws in our heads
And our envious learnedness
Will hit the ground with us,
The law will die
And we will die with it.

The roaming threats,
That encircle us in the line of our duty
Our professional duty,
Or in the line of our defence of the rule of law
That the Men in Black in their myopic insecurity
Has punished us for by putting our heads
In their lethal and illegal spikes
Is what I call David and Pius.

David and Pius are the Death
That did not kill us
Because we are humans
But rather killed us
Because we are lawyers
Because we are in the know
Because we are embodiments of threats
To Police’s excesses and illegality.

A noose around our necks
A dagger around our throats
A rifle’s many fingers of doom
All pointing to our foreheads and ready to pump,
Draining us in the waters of our blood
Are what I call David and Pius.
Memories that will not fade with fading
Ice that will not melt with sundown
Pebbles that will now row with the torrents.
They continue to dig deep
Into the fabrics of our profession essence
To remind us of their witch-hunting.

David and Pius are the handcuffs
Around our gentle wrists,
Inequitably worn for us out of malice
Without the backing of law or logic,
To cast aspersions
On our supposed untouchability.
Remove the cuffs from our wrists
And move us from the Maria to the mansion,
The deed is done
The deed was done
The deed is still being done.

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David and Pius are equal to
Dayo Abudu
Chinweuba Moses
Sunday Elimihe
Fatai Abijo
Chiamaka Nwogwu
And Adeshina Ogunlana
Who are raconteurs of their similar bitter tales.

-Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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