Poetic Side: With Due Respect – Bolaji Ramos

Poetic Side: The Reasonable Man of Law - Bolaji Ramos

For those
Who have become robotic fellows
Amongst our learned friends,
And sold their lawyerly wits
For one kobo
At the marketplace of ignominy
And other lawyers’ selfish drives —
They are the personifications
Of the captives of Medusa
Whose thinking balance is now still as stone.

Allow them to reign over us,
And we will be caught in a web of mess.

For those
Who have become touts and thugs
Among our learned friends,
And decorum to them now means nothing
But a fantasy in the learned minds
Our policymakers—
They are the black sheep of the profession
Whose shadows of tainted past
Continue to haunt their exalted present.

Place them on the beds of respect,
And they’ll continue to fall on the dust.

For those
Who have become daylight riggers
And trouble mongers
Among our learned friends,
And they are hell-bent
To rig and riot their candidate’s way
To the NBA presidency and Ors—
They are the blooming strangers
They are the looming dangers
They are the blood-money hustlers
They are the good-conscience rustlers
Whose myopia for our future is killing us all.

Allow them to steer our ship,
And we will be caught in a reckless wreck.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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