Poetic Side: Dust From the Past – Bolaji Ramos

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

(On the historic sexual assault allegations
by Dr. Christine Ford against Justice Brett Kavanaugh)

Dust from the past—
When it blows to its targeted direction,
It often carries with it
A contagion of paralysis
To the present and future of its target.

Dirt buried in the sands of secrecy
In the graveyard of lies
In the death-hole of malice…

When the Wind of Truth whirls,
It’ll uproot it with a revengeful force.

There is law
And there is a judge that is playing the lawyer.
There is science
And there is a doctor that is playing the scientist.
There is politics
And there are legislators playing the politicians

But when law fights science
And science fights law
And Republicans fight Democrats
And Democrats fight Republicans
And a national issue is politicized—
And the innocent us cannot
Ascertain for certain where certainty lies,
The gospel truth will die like an infidel.

All may be lost, and human verdict
May hand justice to a wrong person,
But time is the real unruly whirlwind—
It’ll dig out the culprit sooner or later.

–Bolaji S. Ramos

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