Poetic Side: Law is Lord and God (Lex Cogit Ad Impossiblia) – Bolaji Ramos


Law is He that leaves the living
And commands the dead.
Makes a man woman,
And a woman man.
Calls Biology a lie and science stupid
And when He likes says naught and goes quiet.
Law is Lord and God in His right.

Law is He that calls the living dead
And the dead living.
Makes an object a living life
And a living life an object.
Calls philosophers liars and philosophy confused.
And when He pleases says one that died first died last
Law is Lord and God in His own way.

Law is He that taxes the dead still
And allows the living stroll.
Imposes a child on the dead decade(s) after death,
And relieve the living of parenthood.
Calls tax practitioners jokers and family attorneys laity
Places something on nothing
And still makes it stand firmly.
And when He so wishes places nothing on nothing.
Law is Lord and God in its own way.

-Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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