Poetic Side: Of the IGP, the Senate and the Law – Bolaji Ramos


Of the IGP, the Senate and the Law,
Which of them is our Lord and personal Saviour?

In the waters of our continuing woes,
In the pogroms on our Northern plains,
And on our coerced queues to the path of Tartarus,
There is no IGP to come to the rescue
No Senate to be our Messiah or Mathew
Nor Law to be our light or redemption venue.
The IGP is seen wresting with the Senate
The Senate is seen wresting with the IGP
The Law is seen in its usual confused state.

Our dear lives in the hands of the three Grey Sisters,
Where lies our dues ex machina?

To Law that has given a gun to the IGP
To Law that has given a pen to the Senate,
Congratulate yourself with regretful tears,
For you may have created for us Orthrus
And we men of these days lack Hercules’s strengths.

And then…
To we the people of this shrinking Nigeria
Who have given Law the power to create Orthrus,
Let us congratulate ourselves with remorse,
For we have continued to create Graeae
To guide and man our legal affairs.

Of the IGP, the Senate and the Law,
Which of them is truly our Lord and Saviour?

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyrighted 2018

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