Poetic Side: Originating Summons to Themis – Bolaji Ramos

Poetic Side: The Reasonable Man of Law - Bolaji Ramos

Lady Effigy that stands statute-still
Hearken to my summons and equity’s will
Bearer of libra and Damocles’ sword
Interpret for us the intent of thy word:

‘Whether by section 33 of the Constitution
And sections 228-230 of the Criminal Code,
The court will favourably rule on a motion
That the foetus also has a right to life.’

Lady Niobe in Holy Ghost white
Lucky are those eyes that behold your sight
Wearer of blindfold to punish infanticide
Construe for us what it means to commit homicide:

‘Whether a non-therapeutic abortion
Committed with a heinous intention
Is within the reproductive right of the mother
Or against the supposed foetus’ right to life.’

Lady Madonna like pregnant Mary
Arrester of crooks and pirate’s ferry
Owner of gavel that hits and strikes
Explain to us your put-offs and dislikes:

‘Whether a foetus in the uterus
At any stage of uterine conception
Has any known or deemed legal status
That law, in its inquisitiveness, may sanction.’

-Bolaji S. Ramos

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