Poetic Side: Stare Decisis – Bolaji Ramos


Judicial chains in the hands of lower judges
The cubs, they insist, must follow their mother
Bringer of clients’ anger and lawyers’ grudges,
Since judges are stuck and can’t go further.

What matters are not the paths of wrong
Or the injustices they unbearably ignite.
But the rule to cling to a superior tongue
Whether the reasoning is wrong or right.

Per incuriam be not an excuse or a ground
To free their Lordships from this grip
Not even the grundnorm or its logical sound
That may come with an overriding sip.

The law is law, judges must stick to stare decisis
Must rules of law be a stagnant statue?
Once the facts are same, they shun analysis
So where therefore lies our legal virtue?

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyrighted 2018

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