Poetic Side: The Force of Law – Bolaji Ramos


Save the force of Law…

Law is mere water, and
Those steaming streams that will not boil.
Roaming rivers, and
Those toiling tides that will not toil.

Windy winds, and
Those buzzing breezes that will not bite.
Sunbeam snakes, and
Those angered Argonauts that will not fight.

Tearing Tornados, and
Those fiery fires that will not kill.
Grinding gavel, and
Those hovering hoes that will not till.

Thematic Themis, and
Those shining scales that will not weigh.
Gullible Gulliver, and
Those hunter’s horses that will not neigh.

Save the force of Law—
its justiciability and enforceability,
Law is a mere boring instruction,
A set of words of advice
Or mere morals written on pages of paper.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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