Poetic Side: The Legal Life – Abigail Somoye


Waking up at 4am to a brief just dropped
Searching through the numerous laws all lumped
Not knowing which is which or what applies
You look at each one in awe as one who looks at the skies

Could it be battery? No may be an assault
Each looking so connected and confusing is an insult
To the one who has been termed as “D LAW”,
It will be sad and embarrassing if you can’t provide the appropriate one.

One finally seems to address the issue& the subject matter seems clear
Full research takes place and you seem to be near
To the solution that your anxiously waiting client wants
With boldness you present the well prepared argument but the response is one that hurts

“Counsel you are a senior member at the bar and I expect more from you”
These words come with injuries that push you to the loo
“What on earth have I done? I thought I got it all right”
You say to yourself at a time when you seem to be far from the light.

Sleepless and tiring nights you go through only to be embarrassed
By some who do not do as much as you do to ensure things are stabilized
At the time you think of giving up on what matters the most
You get news that  a Judgment was given & the other party lost.

At last you can say that all efforts were not wasted
You decide not to weep over the words of another muttered
Reality sets in and you know that in life, you win some & lose some
With this confidence, you work hard and give your best to all you do.

Abigail Somoye

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