Poetic Side: When Law Becomes an Ass – Bolaji Ramos


When law becomes an ass,
Actus reus
May be born but
Mens rea
Will immediately die—

A drunk will mine and maim,
And plead intoxication.
A touchy person will assail and assault,
And plead heat of passion.

A psychopath will kut and kill,
And plead insanity.
A hardened boy will reap and rape,
And plead lack of capacity.

A corrupt cop will sight and shoot,
And plead self-defence.
A randy judge will jilt and jail,
And call it substantial justice.

A spiteful nanny will commit infanticide,
And plead automatism.
A swimmer will see a child drowned,
And blame rheumatism.

When law becomes an ass,
Actus reus may be born
But Mens rea will surely die—
Law goes assholing around
The criminal-minded too go assholing around.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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