Politics without Bitterness – Sani Ammani Esq.


In few months’ time, the Nigerian Bar Association with hold its elections. Eligible members of the association will vote new officials into offices. As it is with almost all elections, when the ban is lifted, aspirants will be campaigning for our votes.

Officially, the ban has not been lifted. But, you and I know that aspirants have been campaigning in their own ways. And as it is, every candidate has their supporters who campaign for or support them for one reason or the other.

Social media have become part and parcel of our lives. We literally cannot do without Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. With these, hardly will a day pass without a post or comment about a particular aspirant run down your timeline or pop into your inbox.

We see posts or comments on our timelines or in a group because the poster is either a friend or a member of a group we belong. In other words, there is a relationship between us and the poster, no matter how weak it may be.

Both the poster and the audience are humans. We have feelings, sentiments and emotions. We appreciate kindness and good gestures. We frown and contempt, disrespect and embarrassments. Yet, we easily forget the fact that others feel the same way.

Nobody wants to be looked down upon. Nobody wants to be disrespected, annihilated or embarrassed. We are human beings. We love and cherish our dignity.

We can support any candidate of our choice. We have the right to do that. But as we do that, we should remember not to infringe on other people’s rights in the process.

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We can make a point or support a candidate of our choosing without offending anyone. Friendship and togetherness are far more important than anything. Politics will come and go. Friends remain.

I conjure our rationality to play politics without insults and bitterness. Let be mindful of what we post and think twice before replying to comments.

The unity of the bar is above us all.


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