Prof. Ojukwu SAN Claps Back at a Troll on Twitter and It is Epic

Prof. Ernest Ojukwu SAN

Surely, the drama over the just concluded NBA National Election may just have began to unfold. While the winners continue to celebrate their victories at the polls and holding on to their conviction that the election was free and fair, those who lost while picking their pieces have continued to insist that the election was marred by irregularities.

One of the candidates who lost in the Presidential polls, Prof. Ernest Ojukwu SAN, took to his twitter handle to share his feelings on the polls and wrote:

“Shame!!! When Senior Advocates compete for 1st position on fraud and rigging NBA election for power surely there is no hope for Nigeria and Africa”

Shortly after he shared the above, a certain twitter user who goes by the name ONU-OHANIVO 2019 responded in the rudest of manners calling Prof. a hypocrite and a clown. What he wrote:

“You are the biggest hypocrite. You thought you’ll benefit from the corruption until you lost. You are the biggest clown indeed. You were told to pull out but refused because you felt you could outrig all.”

That sure did not go down well with our amiable Prof. who gave an epic clapback:

“Surely Mr Onu your dad is the clown”

We can only hope that those who feel strongly about the irregularities in the election would take steps to address the issues rather than this continued social media war which would never bring total closure to the issues that arose during the election.

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