Re: NBA Ilorin NEC – Between Set Back For Political Hopefuls and Sanity to the Bar


The Nigerian Bar Association recently rose from its quarterly National Executive Committee meeting held in Ilorin. The build ups to the meeting had so many hopes and aspirations. The meeting became more popular than the Association’s Annual General Conference. Indeed, the meeting was hyped.

A lot of the “Bar Politicians” were certain that ban on election campaigns would be lifted at the meeting upon the constitution of the Electoral Committee. This was not the case. The NBA leadership did constitute the Electoral Committee which is to be led by the incorruptible Prof. Auwalu Hamish Yadudu, but ban on election campaigns was not lifted. The task of lifting the ban was placed on the laps of the Electoral Committee and that would only be done when the committee meets and comes up with guidelines for the forthcoming elections.

This beautiful “innovation” caught most of the Bar Politicians unawares. They were as demoralized as the load of supporters they had mobilized to the Ilorin NEC Meeting with millions of naira.

Prior to the Ilorin NEC Meeting, the Political Hopefuls have attempted to outdo themselves in “Pre Lifting Ban on Campaign Strategies”. Indeed, the web had been agog with quiet campaigns and electorates already making up their minds on preferred candidates. I have however noticed that the non-lifting of the ban on election campaigns may have demoralized most hopefuls. The vigour with which they were marketing themselves in preparation for lifting of ban on election campaigns has nose dived in the most surprising manner. I only hope that they have not gone to sleep.

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There are some things that are however certain in politics. The non-lifting of the ban on election campaign is strategic. It is left for the hopefuls to identify what is going on at the “power house”. There are surely a lot of surprises to come, the hopefuls should be prepared.

In the whole of all these, my joy is that there is calmness and sanity in the air. I wish to enjoy these scarce atmosphere until the next “shocker” is launched.


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