Revoke Gay, Lesbian and Surrogacy Courses from Faculty of Law –Civil Society Group asks UNN Deputy VC

UNEC Law Faculty

A civil society group under the aegis of “Society for the Promotion of Culture have called on the Deputy Vice Chancellor of  the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus to stop the teaching of  LGBT and surrogacy courses in the University’s Faculty of law.

In a petition which was started today, September 2, 2018, the Group is asking the public to join in asking the Deputy Vice Chancellor to revoke LGBT and Surrogacy courses at the University.

“The University of Nigeria Nsukka Enugu Campus, Faculty of Law started teaching their second year students LGBT and Surrogacy. Nigeria is a pro-family country and these courses don’t only offend many students beliefs on family but also are contrary to the law.”

“The Same-Sex Marriage Act, passed in 2013 and enacted in 2014, provides for prison sentences of 10 years for Nigerians belonging to a gay organization, supporting same-sex marriages, or displaying same-sex affection in public. It also calls for up to 14 years in prison for any Nigerian who marries a member of the same sex.”

“The criminal code of 1990 also prohibits any acts supporting or suggesting homosexual acts, the same attracts 14 years in prison.”

“Surrogacy is also illegal in Nigeria. Surrogacy has been related to human trafficking and the non-ethical invitro-fertilization process. It has also been used by gay couples to obtain children.”

“Surrogacy in its entirety is unacceptable and has been rejected in many countries worldwide.

“Society for the Promotion of Cultural Values is very concerned that these two very controversial units are being taught at the University with approval of the Vice Chancellor.”

“We demand that these courses be revoked with immediate effect.”

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