Successful Lawyer with Busola: Acquiring Sales Skills for Successful Legal Practice

Busola Ajala

Every man is a Salesperson. We sell all manner of things in different ways and forms. Sales is about persuasion, persuading another to do a thing or take an action.

Lawyers are also Salesmen. You are either in court “selling” the judge good reasons why a case should be decided in your client’s favour or selling the opposition into an out of court settlement or even selling your client into following a particular strategy. All of these are different sales processes engaged in by lawyers in the delivery of legal services to clients.

Sales skill is an important skill critical to the success of every business venture, lack of which may see the business exiting the market with staff laid off.

Sales skill has become one of the most important skills you can learn, especially in the current economic global change irrespective of your profession or role in the organisation. – Ibukun Onitiju, Country Head, Sales & Director of Digital, RADP Ghana.

With the constant change we keep experiencing in the economy largely due to technological disruptions, any lawyer willing to remain in business and also make profit must master the art of selling. It’s either you are able to sell or you’re out of business.

Since Sales is about persuasion and getting people to take action, then, lawyers can be referred to as master sellers as majority of the work we do involves persuading, convincing and ensuring others align with our views. We only need to design a method wherein this skill can be rightly applied and creatively used in terms of SALES of our legal services for more clients intake and revenue generation.

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For the Nigerian Lawyer and some of their African colleagues, the argument will be how do I SELL without contravening the Legal Practitioners Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule)?

I usually get confronted with this question all the time and my response has been that the Rule is not against advertising. What the rule seeks to prevent is a situation where lawyers graduate from advertising to touting which becomes debasing of our noble profession and subjects the profession and it’s practitioners to ridicule.

Subtle forms of advertisements like educating the public on the legal implications of not complying with relevant laws and procedures, engaging in online discourse in specific areas of law, helping the public gain awareness on their rights as governed by law will not in any way be seen as a contravention of the Rules.

As a lawyer, you have to creatively device Sales methods that guarantees regular clients intake ensuring that business keeps flowing in and you remain top of mind to clients and potential clients.

Here are few questions you should consider answering. The answers will help in building a good Sales process;

a. How can clients find you? Do you have an online/social presence, lead generation channels?
b. What’s your response rate to clients and enquiries?
c. Do you follow up with enquiries and convert same to clients?
d. What’s your conversion rate?

These questions are not exhaustive. Further research will expose you to other areas or ways by which you can design a good sales process for your legal practice.

Until you appreciate and recognise the essence of this skill and acquire same your legal career success story may never be told.

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Busola Ajala is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. You can reach her via email at


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