Successful Lawyer with Busola: Business-minded Approach For Success in Legal Practice II

Busola Ajala

Today, we would focus on VISIBILITY as a tool in business intelligence as we carry on with our discussion on this topic.


Visibility is the degree to which someone has attracted general attention or prominence.

It is the state of being seen by those who should see or notice a person.

Putting it in perspective as regards your legal practice, visibility will mean the degree to which you, as a lawyer or your legal services has become prominent and better positioned to attract your ideal clients. It is the state of being seen and/or identified by your clients.

As a business-minded lawyer, you must not take for granted the benefits of visibility.

Visibility is not just about your clients identifying you, it also requires that you are able to identify your ideal clients, know where and how to find them, interact with them and ultimately get them to contract your service.

Visibility ensures you are top of mind on the minds of your potential clients. When a client is thinking of a legal service provider to hire, your name should rank first.

You can leverage on visibility to attract more clients and ultimately build wealth from legal practice.

Visibility requires that you put yourself out for your clients to see you. If you’re not seen, you can’t be hired and that means no business for you.

How can this be achieved?

There are different sides to visibility. Online and offline.

There’s the online visibility which most businesses and/or business owners are leveraging on to attract and retain their potential clients and clients respectively.

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Online visibility requires you showcasing yourself and services to your clients online via your social media platforms, your website/blog, daily communication and interaction with your potential clients, contributing your thoughts and/or opinions on legal related matters without involving in any form of touting which is contrary to our professional conduct.

You need to have a strategy for this to ensure you are not jumping everywhere or seen as a nuisance. Your strategy must be one that leads you to your desired outcome which in this case will be to attract clients in order to remain in business.

Visibility in person is your ability to physically connect with your clients. You know where your ideal clients congregate and you’re able to meet up with them. You attend functions, participate in business events & conferences and you network accordingly.

Those who have mastered the art of being visible go as far as joining social clubs just so they can be exposed and attracted to new clients.

The extent to which people know you and the type of work you do or the service you render determines the amount of briefs you are certain to attract as a lawyer. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure you are adequately visible to potential clients.

Busola Ajala is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.


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