Successful Lawyer with Busola: Identifying Your Personal Success

Busola Ajala

I am very delighted and honoured sharing with you all on this debut episode of DNL Legal and Style’s column titled “The Successful Lawyer”. This will be a weekly feature. Therefore, I say WELCOME!

Huge thanks to my friends at DNL Legal and Style for finding me worthy of this opportunity.

On this first episode, I will be taking us on a journey. A journey that will help you and I determine what SUCCESS really is and how to achieve success in legal practice.

Success, as we know is relative, varies from person to person, so it is also in legal practice. Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. If this is so, it is therefore important for you as a lawyer to have a personal definition of success. What is your aim or purpose of being a lawyer? What are the things you want to achieve in legal practice.

Determining your Objectives

The first step to this is identifying and defining your set objectives. Clarity is very important because it sets you in the right direction. And as a lawyer, this is one area to sort out at the beginning of your career else you find yourself doing all sorts or following in other people’s shoes without really achieving anything tangible.

Working in a top tier law firm or becoming a partner in one does not equate to success neither is the conferment of SAN. Winning and getting judgment in several cases is also not success if they are not the objectives for which you became a lawyer. Clearly craft your vision and mission statement and work with them. It will prevent you from unhealthy rivalry and competition.

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Determining your Belief System

Second step which is very critical and most important is your belief system. The effect of your beliefs in the attainment of success can’t be over-emphasized. Do well to get it right.

The first place you need to succeed in is your mind. Once you’re able to achieve internal success it is easy to succeed externally.

There are a lot of misconceptions associated with legal practice, some of which are imposed by a few minority to discourage and limit others from attaining success. Lots of lawyers have accepted, believed and made these misconceptions their reality thereby limited themselves from achieving success.

Your success is a function of your beliefs system. Limiting beliefs will bow you down and prevent you from succeeding regardless of your efforts and hard work. In dealing with limiting beliefs, you have to constantly replace the limiting beliefs with empowering ones.
Daily conceptualization of success internally helps you in your external achievements. “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it”

The next and final step is to take action!

Once you’ve clearly identified your set objectives, begin to act in the direction of the objectives. Ruthless execution is the key word here. You’ve got to ruthlessly execute in order to succeed. No lawyer will attain success without action. The same way a judge will not deliver judgment in your favour without you being in court to argue and defend your case is same way you will not achieve success if you don’t take action.

Taking action is key to achieving your set objectives else your success may only be a word of mouth.

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Giving attention to these three areas will help you determine what success is to you, set you on your personal journey to success and prevent you from being intimidated by the achievements and success of others, ensuring you focus on yourself and career.

Remember your dreams are valid and it takes only you to bring them to reality!

Till next week on another episode, keep succeeding.

Busola Ajala is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.


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