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Buying or investing in real estate (building, house, land etc.) is considered by many as a wise decision. However the need to conduct a comprehensive and extensive due diligence before making that real estate decision is very paramount.

The reason is that many have invested huge resources (life savings in some cases) in buying, leasing/renting or investing in a property only to discover that there are serious issues concerning the title to the property. In many cases, the Vendor/Seller is unable to effectively transfer the title to the prospective Purchaser. While an assiduous, astute and competent property expert (lawyer, real estate consultants etc.) may be able to properly advise further to a Due Diligence investigation on property transactions, his/her due diligence would always be deficient in one area: There is no system in Nigeria to effectively determine whether the property intended to be purchased is subject of a Court case hitherto.

The Lagos State Online Lis Pendens Information System is an online platform that assists prospective investors, potential Purchaser of property, Mortgage companies, banks, real estate companies, Insurance companies, government departments etc. in knowing whether the property they intend to deal with is subject of a pending Court case i.e. Litigation.
Taking Advantage of www.lagoslispendens.com.ng How it works!

Conducting a search

Type in the location of the property/property description or Title document in the search box, this will reveal some results and confirm if the property is subject of litigation.
Submit or File a Lis Pendens

Where you/your Client is involved in a Court case involving property/land, an effective way of ensuring any of the parties or even a third party does not sell/dispose of the property to third parties while the matter is in Court is to submit that case or file for lis pendens on the www.lagoslispendens.com.ng.When this is done, the information is uploaded and this gives Constructive Notice to third parties and potential purchaser. (NB Importance of giving Notice to innocent purchasers). However before you file for Lis Pendens, you must first be registered on the platform. The registration is open to everybody. This allows for proper verification of the information provided. Registered users are also entitled to other benefits.
Thus it is advisable to urgently file a Lis Pendens to protect you/your Client’s property.
Obtain a Lis Pendens Certificate

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A lis Pendens Certificate is evidence or proof to the world that a property is subject of a Pending Court case. You may want to notify a particular person, organisation etc. that property they intend dealing with is subject of a Court case. This gives them actual notice. The Certificate may also serve as evidence in judicial proceedings. The Certificate is signed by the Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Lagos State.

For further inquiries, questions and suggestions kindly send your email to o.olanrewaju@lagosministryofjustice.org OR ko@lagoslisepndens.com.ng

Twitter: lagoslispendens

Kunle Olanrewaju (08063702400) is the Personal Assistant to the Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Lagos State


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