Understanding the Business Side of Law with Busola Ajala (IV)


Grateful for the feedback received since the beginning of this discourse. Lots of messages received inbox and via WhatsApp. It’s a motivation to forge ahead, thank you.

So today I will be talking about CLIENT ACQUISITION STRATEGY and will basically share my experience and what has worked for me.

Client/customer acquisition is basically how you persuade or convince a person to patronize you or contract your services and further retain your services while also referring other customers to you.

To fully explain this, I will be drawing from experience as a caterer and how I got a total client base of 40-45 daily customers within 3 months of starting the business with no physical space or walk in shop where customers come in to eat or place orders.

So how did I get clients without having a physical space?

I had this frequent visit to a particular corporate neighbourhood around Opebi Allen for a particular purpose and it occurred to me after several visits that there was no restaurant close by and most of the staff and neighbouring workers (IDENTIFY) in the office I visited usually walk miles to get food during their lunch hour and that wasn’t very easy for them.

So I spoke with my contact person there, explained (INTRODUCE) to him how I cook very good meals and how I can step in to ease the burden himself and his colleagues go through on a daily basis just to get food and a good food at that. I also presented a document (PROPOSAL) where I listed the different types of meal to expect.

In no time, I was able to convince my contact person and his colleagues and that was how I launched my catering business.

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How did I achieve this and what Client Acquisition strategy did I use?

Identity: I was able to identify my potential clients.

Introduction: I introduced myself and told them what problem I can solve for them thereby convincing them to patronize my services.

PROPOSAL: I had document where I stated the different types of meal, their rates and all the services I rendered.

How can you apply this?

IDENTIFY who your potential clients are, INTRODUCE/SELL yourself to them, tell the problems you can solve for them and how you would solve it and then go on to CONVINCE them to patronize you. Ensure you leave them with something (it could be your proposal or your website, in case you have one or even your social media pages) they can go back to read which will guide them in making a decision and also contains your contact details in case they need to reach you.

Is this helpful?

Please share your thoughts as we move the conversation forward.

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Busola Ajala is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.


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