Update: Police Assault on Fatai Adeyemi Abijo Esq., NBA Ikeja Demands Public Apology

Adeyemi Abijo

We told you recently about how Fatai Adeyemi Abijo Esq was beaten up and handcuffed by Men of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Taskforce at Oshodi, Lagos State. See the story here.

It turns out that the NBA Ikeja Branch did not waste time in taking up the issue with the Nigerian Police. We have it on good authority that the Branch is now demanding a public apology from the Police involved.

Here is what the Ikeja NBA Branch wrote:

“On January 30,2018 ,Fatai Adeyemi Abijo , Esq ,Legal practitioner and member of the NBA Ikeja Branch was severely assaulted , humiliated and dehumanized by some men of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Task Force led by one Superintendent of Police , Bala Aliyu for his attempt at persuading them from further attacks on a driver of a private vehicle whom they were assaulting severely for an unknown offence . Abijo’s intervention drew the ire of the Taskforce men who descended on him with several slaps and fist blows . They did not stop there, but went ahead to handcuff the lawyer with their original victim, forced into a vehicle and hauled over to the Taskforce Office at Bolade , Oshodi , Lagos with further blows , kicks and slaps.

The Tiger concerned reported this oppression to his Branch ( NBA IKEJA BRANCH ) and the Branch swung into action by setting up post haste , a committee to investigate and recommend necessary lines of responsive action . The committee visited the Taskforce office yesterday 7/2/18 and interacted with certain key officials there including Mr Egbeyemi , the Chairman of the Taskforce . Today SUPOL Aliyu came to the Tiger Bar Secretariat to plead for forgiveness from Mr Abijo and the NBA Ikeja Branch. He spent several hours there and finally was brought to meet with the Branch Chairman , Adesina Ogunlana Esq.”

At the NBA Ikeja Secretariat, the Chairman of the Branch, Mr. Adesina Ogulana Esq. not only berated the Police Officer who led the Team of Assaulters but also made a demand with strong Yoruba Proverb that the only condition upon which the NBA would forgive the police officers for the assault is for them to publicly prostrate at scene where Mr. Abijo was assaulted as well as their office at Bolade, Oshodi where he was handcuffed and taken to.

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He noted that these public prostrations shall be made in the presence of pressmen appointed by the NBA.

Way to go!!!!

See video below

Posted by Adesina Ademola Ogunlana on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Posted by Adesina Ademola Ogunlana on Thursday, February 8, 2018


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