Video: Lawyer Recounts How Police Slapped, Detained and Plan to Arraign Him

Mr. Abuchi ogbachalu

Another lawyer Mr. Abuchi ogbachalu a member of the Nigerian Bar Association Anaocha Branch was yesterday allegedly beaten and detained for several hours by men of the Nigerian Police.

According to Mr. Abuchi, he was at the Police station with his client for a case he said was purely civil. He also displayed an arraignment notice which he said was prepared for his arraignment by the Police. He is calling on the NBA President to put a stop to this ugly trend.

Listen to his story

“I appeared with my Clients yesterday 29-10-2018 at about 12:15PM for purported case of abduction of a one of my Clients who while in the DCO1 office told him that, she was not abducted rather that she ran out of the house because her purported foster mother was maltreating her.

I informed the DCO1 that the position of my Clients is that they want to go home with the Male Issue that is in the custody of the DCO1 complainant ,the DCO1 shut me down and ordered that if my Clients intends to go home with the male Issue,that my Clients should balance the Complainant the Sum of #300,000 being sum spent in the Traditional adoption of the two Minors,at this stage i advised the DCO1 to refrain from his Opinion and or decision as such is a Civil matter thus he rose in anger and slapped me,telling me that i am trying to intimidate the Complainant, that he is equally a very Senior Lawyer,that i should get out from his Office and go to Court to wait for him and the DCO1 proceeded to push me out from his Office up to the Charge Room where I was pushed behind the Counter,stripped me off my Suit and the DPO was there and was supervising the Humiliation.The DPO ordered that I should be recorded and detained in the Cell.

I was in the Cell from 2PM to 7PM and the IPO brought me out from the CELL and asked me to sign my Bail Bond.That i should pay #10,000 and i protested same,before i was Served with an arraignment Notice to appear in Court today 30-10-2018 for Assault and Wilful Damage.The Charge was re-assigned to Court 5 and is coming up tomorrow.”

Mr. Abuchi ogbachalu

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