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Late Shedrack Kums Fenan

The Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) an umbrella body for all law students in Nigeria have issues a communique demanding for justice over the gruesome murder of Shedrack Kums Fenan, a 300 level law student of the University of Jos.

In a statement issued by the President of the Association, Mr. Atiku Muhammad Jafar, the law students condemned in strong terms the what they referred to “the incessant loss of lives and call on the Government to bring this to an end.

The statement reads:


The incessant loss of lives in Plateau State of Nigeria generates a lot of concern, and same must come to a necessary end. The Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) utterly condemns the attacks and charges all relevant stakeholders to do the needful and bring these killings to an end, by all means necessary.

On behalf of all law students in Nigeria, we condemn, with utmost chagrin, the recent attack on the Village Students’ Hostel of the University of Jos, Plateau State, which led to reckless discharge of live ammunitions that ultimately claimed the life one of our own, Mr. Shedrack Kums Fenan, an undergraduate law student. With heartache and devastation, we mourn Kums’ death and express our profound condolences to the family of the deceased, his friends, members of the Village Hostel and all the students and staff of the Faculty of Law, University of Jos.

A 300 level law student and fellow learning mind, Shedrack Kums Fenan was killed in the process of safeguarding and protecting the lives of his colleagues when a group of hostiles attempted to gain entrance into his hostel an wreak havoc. Reports available to us prove glaringly that Kums was shot by a military personnel, an officer of the Nigerian Armed Forces who, ironically, was deployed to safeguard the lives of the the students, Kums inclusive, against hostile aggression.

Excruciatingly, Kums would have accessed immediate medical attention but for the decay in our system. Unluckily for him, and for us, the University’s medical facility was unconditionally shut down due to strike action, and the University could not provide interim/ alternative health scheme for pressing emergencies, or any referral facility for its students and community. With a bullet-pierced head, he bled nearly an hour before he finally surrendered to the cold hands of death. Not so long ago, we lost a colleague of ours, a final year law student who, as reports have it, died for alleged denial of comprehensive medical attention by the teaching hospital of a prominent Nigerian University. At the top of our voices, we say NO to this unmerited state of affairs.

The decay in Universities’ health facilities/ services, the reluctance of University health workers to attend to students with due diligence, humaneness and prudence, their perpetual harassment of student-patients and the failure of many Universities to provide alternative/ interim/ referral arrangements in the event of strikes have claimed, and are still determined to claim the lives of students in our Universities. This has to STOP!.

Now, it goes without saying that Kums is just one out of the many victims of insecurity in Nigeria, particularly in the Jos Plateau. As the most primary responsibility of government, everywhere in the world, is the security and welfare of its citizens, we charge the government of Nigeria at all levels, to employ all the resources at its disposal and do all the things within its power and bring these unremitting killings and bloodsheds to an end. This, unarguably, is the raison d’être of the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigerian Armed Forces and same is at the heart of the underlying Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy as enshrined in Chapter II of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The murder of Shedrack Kums Fenan by a military officer and its flagrant neglect by the active stakeholders by their blatant refusal to act, or even speak on this unfortunate tragedy is an assault on our collective intelligence. In the spirit of peace, serenity, diplomacy, and professional ethics and etiquettes, we call on the Nigerian Army, the Inspector-General of Police, the Federal and Plateau State Governments, the University of Jos and all persons/ agencies concerned to conduct a through investigation into the attack on the University of Jos Village Students’ Hostel and the ghastly killing of Kums Shedrack Fenan, with a view to bringing the perpetrators of this ungodly act to justice expeditiously and without hesitation.

In the same vein, the University of Jos must to all the things within its power to ensure the security of students on its campus, to start with, provide a decent fencing wall/ barrier to the Village Hostel. At the moment, students are still exposed to all sorts of horrible danger and the risk of another intrusion, just like the one that claimed the life of Kums, and no security operatives are deployed to secure them.

Finally, we reiterate that the killing of Kums is of great concern to us, and we vow to fight relentlessly to ensure that his death does not join the pile of unsolved, unaccounted murders and also that measures are taken to protect our fellow students who are still living in horrible fear and insecurity in the University of Jos hostel. While we condemn all the tragic incidences such as the recent Birom killings, we caution that agents of the state must not take advantage of crises, and, under the guise of national security, flagrantly and extra-judicially suffocate individual liberties, especially the right to life.

We remain resolute, undeterred and unwavering in this cause.

“A University student is a priceless asset and as he is on the threshold of world of useful service to the nation, we cannot afford to destroy him…”

Per Obaseki, JSC.

Yours in struggle,
Atiku Muhammad Jafar,
National President,
Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN)
October 15th, 2018.

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