Why Afam Osigwe, Others were ‘Not Cleared’ – ECNBA

Prof. Yadudu

The Chairman of the Electoral Committee of The Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA), Professor Auwalu Hamish Yadudu, has explained the reason why the Electoral Committee indicated that one of the NBA Presidential Aspirants, Mazi Afam Osigwe was not cleared.

Putting things in perspective, Yadudu, noted that not cleared does not mean disqualification but a query on the papers submitted by candidates. “If you have not been cleared, it means we raised a query on your submission”.

He further revealed that Afam Osigwe has been duly informed of the reason for his non-clearance and is at liberty to respond to those issues within 7 days.

“We have written him. We have communicated the reasons why he has not been cleared to him. He was not disqualified. Rather he was not cleared” Yadudu said.

 “We have drawn his attention to a query on his form. As stated in the NBA constitution, he has 7 days within which to respond to that query.

“He is privy to all this information. If he wishes to challenge the decision of his non-clearance, the committee remains amenable and available to consider his response to its query and resolve the matter expeditiously, in a fair manner and in accordance with the NBA Constitution and the guidelines issued by the ECNBA”

Earlier today, the list published by the ECNBA indicated that Afam Osigwe and a few others who signified interest to run in the forthcoming election were not cleared raising doubt as to the motive of the ECNBA from Afam’s camp.

Afam had also taken to his social media platform to indicate that he was not surprised that he was not cleared. He further urged his supporters to remain calm as the issues are being addressed.

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Other who were not cleared according to the list are Habeeb Adedotun Adebayo Adetunji for the office of the 2nd Vice President.

Abimbola Adesola and Odo Everastus for 3rd Vice President

Others are Elias Anosike, Financial Secretary and Abdulrasheed Ibrahim for Publicity Secretary.


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