Why we are Celebrating the Solar Power Supply in Lagos Courts – Office of the CJ


We told you recently that the Chief Judge of Lagos commissioned Solar Energy Electricity Power Source for use in courts in Lagos courts. Read here

It turned out that many felt this is not worth celebrating. In a series of comments on social media, many especially lawyers are saying there is nothing to celebrate about providing power supply to the courts.

Well the above comments have drawn the irks of the office of the Chief Judge and they have taken to all their social media platforms to clarify that this is a feat that must be celebrated.

Hear this:

It has come to the attention of the Lagos State Judiciary that the recently commissioned Solar Power Facility at the Yaba Magistrate Court, has drawn a lot of attention and have had individuals drawing their own conclusions as to what the power generating project truly is. 
To clarify, this is a 24 Panel – Solar Power facility which consists of an array of 250 watts solar panels, a mounting system, an inverter, batteries with a computerised solid-state controller. The solar panels generate DC electricity directly from sunlight and ensures all FOUR court houses are powered all day and night through the charged batteries in the absence of PHCN power.
Each of the court house is installed with 6 panels, 4 batteries, an inverter and a controller.
This guarantees adequate power supply for electrical appliances in eachcourt, making them conducive and comfortable for court activities.
This project was kicked off in Yaba and will be installed in all magistratecourt houses in Lagos State.
The public should please take note.

We don’t even know what to say here!

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