22-Year-Old Celebrates as She Gets Called to Bar in Two Jurisdictions


She is Joanna Martinez from Turks and Caicos Islands. In a series of tweet, she shared how at 22 years she has four degrees and have been called to the bar in two jurisdictions.

“At the tender age of 22, I have received FOUR degrees and have been called to the Bar in TWO jurisdictions. I’m now Joanna Sigrid Martinez, Attorney at Law.”

While many on her handle congratulated her, many doubted the authenticity of her claim.  But she explained:

“I completed high school (as valedictorian) at 16, received my first degree at 18, my second degree at 21, my third and fourth (BPTC and Masters which I did at the SAME TIME) at 22”

Then a Nigerian came through as usual!


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