DNL Legal & Style – Celebrating Stylish Justice Efe Ikponmwonba @ 60


Justice Efe Ikponmwonba of the Edo State Judiciary turned 60 recently and we found these delectable photographs of her shared by photographer Ani Johnson too beautiful to resist.

We join the good people of Edo State, Edo State Judiciary and My Lord’s family and friend to celebrate her on this awesome Milestone in life.

60 sure looks real good on My Lord

Ani Johnson did a great job with these portrait and also wrote a fantastic tribute for Her Lordship:

“I travelled to Benin to Photograph The energetic and beautiful Justice Efe Ikponmwonba
For her 60th Birthday
Honestly when i saw her I doubted her age until I saw her Dad of 90
I kept quiet! how can someone be so young at 60?…”

“Thank you so much for Believing and booking me to create your Portraits cheers to a better life.” 
Ani Johnson wrote

View photos


We Celebrate Lawyers!

PhotoCredit: Ani Johnson 07031696041

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