Eid el-Kabir Celebration: MULAN Urges Muslims to Show Love for Mankind


The National President, on behalf of all members of the Muslim Lawyers’ Association of Nigeria (MULAN), felicitates with Muslims the world over, more specially the Muslims in Nigeria, on the occasion of the 1440 AH. Eid el-Kabir celebration.

The Eid el-Kabir message which was delivered by the General Secretary of MULAN, Ismaila Alasa reads:

The significance of this celebration which comes up at the end of the most important ritual of the Hajj is the show of love by Almighty Allah (SWT) to His faithful servants. Thus, when Ibrahim (AS) proved his faithfulness and obedience to Allah (SWT) by readily preparing to sacrifice his beloved son, Ismail (AS) as commanded, Allah stepped in and rescued Ismail (AS) from the slaughter slab and replaced him with a divinely gifted ram. It is therefore the piety of the Muslim that Allah (SWT) is interested in and not in the blood or meat of the animals we sacrifice

As we celebrate this event, MULAN implores all Muslims to show appreciation to Almighty Allah (SWT) by being humane, just and loving in their everyday lives and relationships with their neighbours. This is particularly so in this trying times when humaneness seems to have been left behind by human beings in their thoughtless pursuit of crass materialism.

Our duty as Muslims to show total obeisance to Almighty Allah will not be complete except it manifests in love for mankind in our various dealings. A show of humaneness to one neighbor multiplies into a show of humaneness to every man in our Nation. MULAN therefore appeals to all Muslims, especially in Nigeria, to join hands in moving humanity forward for good.

May Allah (SWT) accept our sacrifices, bless us, our families and Nation as well as grant those who were able to make the Hajj the reward of a successful Hajj. EID MUBARAK.


Dated the 10th day of Dhul Hijja, 1440 AH (11th August, 2019)

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