Friday Muse: On Paul Usoro’s Transparency, Prudence and Accountability in NBA


I have consistently been receiving updates from the NBA in my official email box on the happenings within the association. One fascinating piece of information that continues to thrill me is the Quarterly Financial Statements and Management Accounts.

As lawyers, I am almost certain that an information on the association’s Financial Statement and Management Account may either be taken for granted by some while others would basically not find any need for such “disturbance” about figures. Lawyers are not pleased with studying figures, except figures on their bill of charges, little wonder most of of us identified our calling early in secondary school. You would be shocked at the number that opted for law just so they don’t get to have any course that requires calculation. it is that bad, but I digress.

However, if as lawyers we are not bordered about figures, I am also almost certain that we understand the importance of good corporate governance in any organization. For those  of us who are company secretaries, members of board of directors of companies or who represent corporate organizations, the feat of consistently sharing Quarterly Financials by the Paul Usoro SAN’s led administration would be seriously appreciated.

From the consistent reports, the administration is leaving no one in doubt of its transparency, prudence and accountability. Even the antagonists  of Paul’s ambition in the build up to the elections in 2018 are in their good conscience marveled at the manner in which the common wealth of the association is not only been spent but also been shown to all in the most professional way.

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Take everything away from Usoro’s led administration, one thing you can’t take away is the emergence of a new order of excellent corporate governance where the purse of the association and it’s management is constantly shared with its members.

I hope the tradition would continue after the present administration.

Here I am, just musing…


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