Guide to Filing a Notice of Appeal at Lagos State Magistrate Courts


– Locate the Appeal Section of any Magistrate Court closest to you.

– The Appellant provides the Judgement/Rulings of the Court.

– The Appellant seeks Leave of the Court.

– The Appellant files Notice of Appeal within 30 days.

– The Appellant picks a Civil Form 7, stating the following;

a. Suit No.
b. Name of parties involved
c. A date for settlement of records
d. Name and Signature of the Appellant and Respondent

– The Appellant deposits the sum of Five Thousand Naira only, to an assigned bank for the Condition of Appeal at the Appeal Section.

– The Appellant takes the motion to the High Court for hearing.

For more information, Visit the Appeal Section of any of the Magistrate Courts in Lagos State.

Source: Office of the CJ, Lagos State

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