Insurgency: Nigerian Army Sets up 2 Court Martial to Try ‘Coward’ Soldiers


In order to enforce discipline within its base, the Theatre Command of the Operation Lafiya Dole has inaugurated two special Court Martial to try six officers and 14 others, who were found wanting in discharging their duties. Inaugurating the courts at the Maimakari Cantonment yesterday, the Commander of the operation, Major General Olusegun Adeniyi, said: “It’s worrisome to observe the increasing cases of negligence, lackadaisical and cowardly activities of many of our personnel during Boko Haram terrorists’ offensive actions across the theatre today.

“These unprofessional and disgraceful habits have led to the death of many of our gallant colleagues and these attitudes must not be allowed to continue, if we must retain our national prude. “The reason for the two courts martial was to fast track the trial of the accused, as justice delayed is justice denied.

“Breaches of military discipline must be dealt with speedily and frequently punished more severely than would be the case if a civilian is engaged in such a conduct. “Be that as it may, the military has its code of service discipline to allow it meet its peculiar disciplinary needs, therefore, recourse to the ordinary criminal court would as a general rule, but inadequate to serve the disciplinary needs of the military.

“As we all know, the court martial trial is a regimental and judicial exercise that may review, reduce or remove the right and privileges of any convicted service personnel. It is unique to the military and a tributary of criminal trial that flows in the sea of Nigerian criminal justice system.” He, therefore, stressed that conduct of military trials under Armed Forces is to allow the Armed Forces to deal with matters that affect directly the discipline, efficiency, morale of the military. “To maintain the Armed Forces in a state of readiness, the military must be in a position to enforce internal discipline effectively and efficiently,” Adeniyi said.

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