Lagos High Court: Notice of 2019 Annual Court Vacation

Lagos Judiciary

The Chief Judge of Lagos, Honourable Justice K O. Alogba pursuant to Order 49 Rule 4 (D) of the High Court of Lagos (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2019 has approved Monday 22nd July  to Tuesday 10th September 2019 both dates inclusive as the 2019 annual vacation period.



  • Hon. Justice G. A. Safari Monday 22nd July to Friday 2nd August 2019
  • Hon. Justice B. A. Oke-Lawal Monday 5th August to Friday 6th August 2019.
  • Hon. Justice H. O. Oshodi Monday 19th  August to Friday 30th  August 2019.Hon. Justice
  • A. O. Soladoye Monday 2nd September to Tuesday  10th September 2019


  • Hon. Justice L. A. Okunnu Monday 22nd  July to Friday  2nd day of August 2019
  • Hon. Justice O. O. Ogunjobi Monday 5th  August to Friday  16th  August 2019
  • Hon. Justice M. O. Emeya Monday 19th  August to Friday 30th  August 2019
  • Hon. Justice K. A. Jose Monday 2nd September to Tuesday 10th September 2019

1. Notwithstanding the long vacation, the criminal division of the High Court of Lagos State may sit throughout the period of the vacation. Where a Judge of a criminal division is on vacation, a vacation judge may be assigned to deal with all urgent pending criminal case in the court.

2. Notwithstanding the long vacation, any cause or matter may be heard by a judge during the period of the vacation (except on Sunday or public holiday) where such cause or matter is urgent or a Judge, at the request of all the parties concerned agree to hear it.

3. Any application for an urgent hearing during the vacation may be made by summons in chambers, before the vacation Judge, or the judge before whom the substantive case is pending.

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4. Please, not that the long vacation ends on Tuesday the 10th day of September 2019.

5. The 2019/2020 session commences on Wednesday the 11th day of September 2019.

6. Notice is further given that the new legal year services will hold on Monday the 23rd day of September 2019


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