Law Student Association Commends Senator who Calls for Scrapping of ‘Acceptance Fee’


The Law Student Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) have commended the Senator from Imo State Mr. Emeka Chinedu who moved a motion for the scrapping of “acceptance fee” paid by students who are offered admission into various institutions of learning in Nigeria.

According to the law student body, the requirement for the payment of  ‘acceptance fee’ in the admission process is devoid of legal reasoning.

The statement issued by LAWSAN, titled “Acceptance Fee Scrapping Motion” reads in part;

We received with approval the news of the motion moved by Mr Emeka Chinedu, Imo (Ahiazu Mbaise/Ezinihitte Federal Constituency) calling for the abolishment of ‘acceptance fees’ paid by students offered admission into various institutions in Nigeria, a motion unanimously backed by the Honorable members of the House.”

“The Law Students Association of Nigeria Directorate of Students’ Rights submit vehemently that the existence of an ‘acceptance fee’ in the admission process is void of legal reasoning.”

“In light of the foregoing, the Directorate strongly commends the move, and hereby urges the National Assembly to endeavor to see that the motion sees the light of the day, acceptance fee should be scrapped!”

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