LAWSAN Goes to School Becomes the Largest Students’ Outreach Organized in One Day


History is made when bounds are broken and unimaginable heights are attained. This was the case on the 29th day of November, 2019. On this historic day, the South-East zonal Directorate of Policies, Programs and Projects of the Law Students’ Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) under the leadership of Victor Ezesinachi Okoli organized a massive outreach tagged “LAWSAN Goes To School”  which is in line with the vision of the National President Sen. Emmanuel Eze Nwobodo who Is unflinchingly committed to adding value.

The theme of this outreach was “What the Law is and what the Law is not… bringing the Law home.” The aim of the outreach was to create awareness among Secondary School students in the South East on certain important aspects of the Law in the society. The students were taught their basic rights as citizens of Nigeria, the limitations of these rights and also, their duties and obligations as citizens of the country.

The outreach was organized in 36 secondary schools across the South-East zone, and with the help of  553 volunteers, this value train reached 16,330 secondary school students in the South-East zone.

Below is the report of the outreach:
Number Of Secondary Schools Reached: 10
Number of Volunteers: 140
Total number of students reached: 5644

1. Mea Mater Secondary School.
Number of Students: 501

2. Government Technical College.
Number of Students: 249

3. Good Shepherd secondary school.
Number of Students: 301

4. University Of Nigeria Enugu campus secondary school.
Number of Students: 355

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5. Queens college Enugu.
Number of Students: 698

6. Federal Government College, Enugu.
Number of Students: 1005

7. Lady Ibiam secondary school.
Number of Students: 139

8. College Of Immaculate Conception, Enugu.
Number of Students: 1401

9. Godfrey Okoye Secondary School
Nunber of Students: 290

10. Holy Rosary College
Number of students: 705

Total Number of Volunteers: 150
Number of Schools Reached : 7
Total Number of Students Reached: 4,940.
1. Annunciation Secondary school, Abakaliki
Number of Students: 1012

2. Holy Ghost Secondary School, Abakaliki.
Number of Students: 807

3. Our Lady Secondary school, Abakiliki.
Number of Students: 250

4. Federal Government Girls College, Ezamgbo.
Number of Students: 1200

5. Great Minds Academy, Abakiliki.
Number of Students: 410

6. Glory Land Azugo, Abakiliki.
Number of Students: 511

7. Ebonyi State University Secondary School
Number of Students: 750

Number of Volunteers: 60
Number of Schools Reached: 5
Total Number of Students reached: 3971

1. Light house Secondary school.
Number of Students: 550

2. Government Secondary school Owerri.
Number of Students: 1200

3. Holy Rosary Secondary school.
Number of Students: 800

4. Owerri Girls Secondary school.
Number of Students: 615

5. Owerri City College.
Number of students: 806

Number of Volunteers: 70
Number of Schools reached: 4
Total Number of Students reached: 1000

1. School of Masters, Awka.
Number of Students: 150

2. GHA, Awka.
Number of Students: 50

3. St. Lucy Secondary School, Awka.
Number of Students: 300

4. Unizik High School.
Number of Students: 500

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Number of Volunteers: 133
Number of Schools reached: 10
Total number of Students reached: 1075

1. Ninland Demonstration Secondary School.
Number of Students: 100

2. Ogbor Community Secondary School.
Number of Students: 60

3. Donsylvia Schools.
Number of Students: 100

4. Mayfair Academy.
Number of Students: 200

5. Williams Memorial Secondary School.
Number of Students: 120

6. Intellectual Giants Christian Academy.
Number of Students: 120

7. Margaret High School.
Number of Students: 100

8. St. Paul’s Academy.
Number of Students: 150

9. Christland Mission Secondary School.
Number of Students: 75

10. Shining Lord’s Kid’s Academy.
Number of Students: 50

Summarily, as a zone the statistics of the outreach is as follows:
Total Number of Volunteers: 553
Total Number of Schools Reached: 36
Total Number of Students reached: 16,330

The success of this outreach is a fulfillment of the association’s commitment to societal development, value creation and impacting lives. The Zonal Directorate was greatly supported by the highly esteemed National Director of the Directorate of Policies, Programs and Projects,  Umoh Edet and the President of the Law Students’ Association of Nigeria, Sen. Enmanuel Eze Nwobodo under whose administration this great feat was attained.

Once again, LAWSAN has made history through this outreach and promises to do more. The Association believes in the mantra “Value for Value” and relentlessly, it promises to drive this value train to the lengths of Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.


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