March 28th NBA-NEC: Summary of Resolutions

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At the National Executive Ccommittee (NEC) Meeting  of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) held at the NBA Secretariat Abuja on Thursday 28th March, 2019 the following resolutions where reached:

1. NEC adopted the Secretariat Report containing the reports of the National Officers. The Secretariat Report is attached hereunder.

2. Flowing from the address of the President and the report of the General Secretary, NEC approved a new administrative organogram for the NBA National Secretariat which will now include the office of an Internal Auditor.

3. NEC approved the Financial Statement for Quarter 2, which was presented in line with the resolve of the National President to run a transparent and prudent administration which allows members to know how their money is being spent. For further details see the Financial Report on pages 48 – 58 of the NEC Bundle attached hereunder.

4. Flowing from the report of the Financial Secretary, NEC approved a petty cash policy for the NBA

5. Flowing from the report of the 2nd Vice President NEC resolved that:

(a) Mr. Bayo Akinlade, Chairman Ikorodu Branch be suspended for defying the directive of the National President not to conduct elections for the office of the Vice Chairman of the Branch.
(i) The Vice Chairman of the Branch is directed to act as Chairman till the Suspension is lifted.
(ii) The purported elections of a new vice Chairman is hereby declared null and void by NEC.
(B) In respect of the issues between Ikeja Branch & EFCC,
National Officers will liaise with Elders of Ikeja branch to resolve same
(The EFCC sequel to a petition written by some members of Ikeja Branch over an alledged misappropriation of about N37m of the Branch funds, arrested two past Chairmen of the Bar. However, in the process of arresting one of the Chairmen during the Branch monthly meeting, some Branch members alledged assaulted some EFCC officials and were thus arrested and arraigned before a Magistrate Court).

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6. The President observed that the NBA defaulted in the payment of premium for the Insurance Scheme for the last few years, which has made it impossible for members to enjoy any benefit under the scheme. NEC therefore approved the proposal of the President to revamp the scheme to make it effective and renegotiate the terms of the scheme to include critical illnesses.

7. It was observed that there is a syndicate that prints fake Stamp and Seals and members (most of whom are from Midwest Zone) are patronizing them. However, investigations will soon be concluded and those involved will be brought to book.
8. The President assured members that, the issue of calculation of age at the bar will be discussed with the Supreme Court to review the current position.

9. Committee Reports
(a) Report from Disciplinary Committee:
NEC was informed among other things of two recent decisions of the Supreme Court that have direct impact on the status of NBA as a juristic person and the powers of the LPDC.
See the Committee Report on pages 29 – 33 of the Secretariat Report attached hereunder.
(b)Technical Committee on Conference Planning (TCCP):
The Committee has proposed that the Annual General Conference (AGC) will hold between the 23rd and 29th of August, 2019 in Lagos. The proposed theme is “Facing the Future of Law”.
NEC rejected the proposal of the Committee to retain the schedule of Conference Fees for last year’s AGC and directed that the Committee presents a budget and prospect of external funding before a decision can be made on Conference Fees. It was also suggested that the Committee should consider reviewing the fees downwards to accommodate more young lawyers. See full details of the TCCP report on pages 72 – 106 of the NEC Bundle.

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Note that all Committee Reports including the Reports of the Transition Committee, Election Working Group, Report of the Sections and the Minutes of the NEC Meeting held on the 6th of December, 2018 and the Emergency NEC Meeting held on the 28th of January, 2019 are contained in the Secretariat Report and the NEC Bundle attached hereunder.

(Take note that this is just a summary of key issues discussed at NEC. The minutes of meeting will be circulated as soon as it is available.)

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