My Grouse: Dear CJN, Just Before Your Trial Commences


Dear CJN Hon. Justice Onnoghen,

Can I call you Gramps?

Straight to the point, I am not happy about this thing that they are doing to you. But, if I were in your shoes, I would have simply put in my resignation the day after this mess broke out. At least, this would have given you another very important first, which would have ultimately added to your already earned title of first CJN to be indicted by CCB and I swear, this would have been it!  Because Gramps, you would have your integrity intact within the Nigeria yardsticks and you would have millions of sympathizers, zero headache and stress. I really am not always given to sympathy but I have a soft one for elders and I can imagine what you are going through.

But Gramps, let’s just be real, these people were not out to punish you, hell no! They just wanted you out of the way. And I wonder why you didn’t step aside and just rested your 69 year old self somewhere very deserving. Because, it is what it is. This country is a basket full of ugba! Once they set up a plan and you are unfortunate to be standing in the way, they will simply mix your own. How much you will be plastered with the mixture, will depend on how long you decide to constitute yourself a nuisance. Bottom line; they win, they always do! You can never exonerate yourself. Good thing is, if you do the honourable thing and not stress them, the remaining of the ugba is thrown out, you are fine, they are fine, and we are all fine. But if you try to do anyhow, you will certainly see anyhow o! The strange things they will be accusing you of will be so much that you would be wondering if they got the right person. And believe it or not, your sympathizers will continue to reduce with each new allegation true or false until we all finally find ourselves on their side or almost. And the scary part is that, gramps, all your close allies will abandon you for fear of being roped in. I cannot imagine this for my biological gramps, so I will not wish it for you. Do you still remember sister Kemi? That one that they said she forged certificate? You know, forgery is even worse than your own alleged offence. See how she excused herself and they just left her alone. She has carried her highly cerebral self-back to where she came from and they have since moved on because they were never interested in the forgery.  I don’t even want to start mentioning names. Gramps, listen, that is how they do these days. And if you had just resigned, trust me, by now, they would have forgotten about you. Don’t you think so? Well I do!

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So, now that you are not resigning, I am asking myself and asking you too, why engage in a fight you cannot win? Why? Let’s just face this and let me tell you the truth like I always tell my real Gramps, things can never be the same again as far as your career is concerned. I can imagine that you may have started making plans for your grand retirement come next year. How sad! This is why I say, you should have reduced the stress by choosing the lesser of the evil?  See Gramps eh, this government doesn’t listen to anybody. They don’t go back on anything. Even some of your decisions, I’m sure they would have disobeyed them here and there. I even heard that it is because they sold their ears in one of their numerous abroad trip and now they cannot hear well. Gramps did they tell you? Even the NIC wanted to save you. Many of the ancestors spoke in your favour, NBA even did boycott, another since after the days of that ancestor Alao Aka-Bashorun  all for you. Yet they didn’t budge. What did they do, they went to get their own ex-parte order. You that had five and they ignored it, just one that they gave them like this, they collected it and used it to replace you. They are compiling charges and discovering accounts and millions of pounds, dollars and Naira inside them. They said they belong to you. They are not going to stop unless you stop them. And what do you gain by not stopping them? Las las,  Gramps, you are now ex.

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By the way Gramps, have you started responding to the petition? I know you have. That is another stress to your poor fingers. And with all the efforts you will put inside that thing, people are already predicting that those NJC people will ask both you and the one Acting for you to step aside and then install the 3rd most senior. Do you see? In all of these, you have not gained anything except stress from those people! It would be more smear to your person! More denigration. That was how one yellow teeth, smoking illiterate was analyzing you the other day, if you hear what he was saying? But don’t worry, I rose to your defence and I shut him up. But they are too many and they are jobless. Time is their best friend, so they will continue to malign your beautiful name. This is exacerbating!

So, what I’m saying in essence Gramps? Imagine that we had this screaming headline the next day that those CCT people started their madness “CJN Onnoghen Resign Amidst allegation of non-declaration of Asset” so, flamboyantly beautiful headline! We for don sleep since. But you refused to think about it. I even called your number, that one that you wrote inside that your response to CCB. It was switched off. I wanted to beg you to just forget these clowns and take a walk. But you were unreachable. But I can imagine. Good thing is, I have stored the number and I will continue to try it once in a while. I hope it isn’t a problem Gramps!

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I am just angry at everybody because they keep misplacing priority. This thing is not about your person and they all know it but they will not talk. So, dear Gramps, can we just go over this whole thing again? Even though, I know the headline is not going to be sexy again, but we can still do it.

When you do it, and we have all of them vultures off your back, you will then plan a trip to the Bahamas to rest after all these years of using jagajaga handwriting to write millions and tons of sound and illuminating rulings and judgments.

Posterity will still be kind to you! I know it!


Lastly Gramps, those secretaries of yours who type your rulings and judgments also deserve accolades! We saw your statement to the CCB and we could not read it and some of us were wondering if you studied that course on drug prescription by medical students! Tuale Sir!

My Grouse; Making serious sense unseriously!


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