NBA-AGC 2019: Delegates Get Free Mobile App for Conference Materials, Updates and Meet ups


As Part of the package for the NBA 2019 Conference, the Technical Committee for Conference Planning (TCCP), in conjunction with Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN (NBA President) has launched an online Free Mobile App “Whova” for News, developments, information and social interactions on all activities and programs relating to the #NBA-AGC-2019.

Emails to this effect has been sent to Delegates with link for the download by the TCCP.

All delegates are advised to DOWNLOAD the Mobile App so as to enjoy an unprecedented #NBA-AGC experience.

What Delegates can do with the App.

  1. View the event agenda and plan your schedule
  2. Find someone to share a cab (or Uber/Bolt) to go to the conference/events together;
  3. Plan some social activities such as a morning run, city tour, or meet-ups with your fellow attendees;
  4. Find someone to go to lunch/dinner together;
  5. Receive updates on the Conference;
  6. Get presentation documents and slides;
  7. Determining Conference Sessions and events to attend;
  8. Scheduling meetups with other attendees from across practice areas;
  9. Planning social activities such as Alumni meet-ups with fellow attendees.

This 21st-century-model online free Mobile App affords all delegates an opportunity of real-time social interaction and Networking with fellow 2019 conference delegates, Plenary speakers, Session panels and members, chairmen of sessions, session participants and all.

Just Everything and anything one can think of.

According to a spokesperson for the TCCP Mr. Udemezue, “no one has ever given NBA Members during an NBA-AGC and a clear indication that when TCCP for the #NBA-AGC-2019 made a promise to make the #NBA-AGC-2019  most memorable, and to give all delegates real value for their money, the TCCP was serious.”

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“Besides, the Paul Usoro, SAN, led NBA Leadership philosophy is founded on corporate governance and responsibility, pragmatism, and pro-activism and futurity.”

“PUSAN NBA Leadership is a leadership that Remains Squarely Focused on activating for MBA members, a brighter future, based on today’s pragmatically strategic and futuristic planning that operates under the promised Putting-You-First ideology of ensuring, in line with Jeremy Bentham’s style, *The Greatest Satisfaction For The Greatest Number.


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