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As the 2019 edition of the Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) draws closer, so many questions agitate the minds of Nigerian Lawyers and prospective conferees regarding registration and preparation for, and holding of, the Conference. Some feel confused; some others do not know who to ask for clarifications. I have personally received countless number of such calls for clarification.

What I have done in this short epistle is to try to offer some workable answers to a number of these nagging questions, with a view to ensuring that no Nigerian lawyer or prospective conferee is left in the dark about anything and everything relating to the upcoming NBA Conference 2019. Here we go!

1) When is the deadline for Early Bird Registration for the NBA Conference? The early Bird Registration had ended on June 30, 2019, but was extended by the NBA TCCP (Technical Committee For Conference Planning), to enable many more members take advantage of the early bird to register for the Conference. The new deadline for close of early bird is 11.59pm on Sunday, July 07, 2019. See

2) Would NBA Conference Registration Continue after the closure of Early Bird Registration Period? It is better to take advantage of the discounted fees and be part of the Early Bird Registration. Beside enjoying a reduced fee rate, other benefits of being an early bird are already sufficiently highlighted. See the article “2019 NBA CONFERENCE BONUS: Be An Early Bird, Get 500 Supreme Court Judgements Free Of Charge,’ published on See also “NBA CONFERENCE 2019: 12 Other Reasons You Should Be An Early Bird & Register Earlier” to appreciate the benefits of being an early bird. Note however, that NBA 2019 Conference registration would continue after the close of the early period. Regular registration would begin at 12.01am on Monday, July 08, 2019 and continue thereafter!

3) What is the link for NBA-AGC registration? The link is

4) How do I Pay my Registration Fees? When you open the link, you would see three options: “NBA,” “NON-NBA” or “Group Registration.” All Lawyers are expected to select NBA, which would now lead you to another page where you are expected to type in your name as it appears on your Call to Bar Certificate. The moment you type your full name, your Supreme Court Enrollment Number would appear with your name, and you would then select “Continue,” which would take you to a page titled “NBA Conference Registration” where you are expected to fill in all the gaps with your personal details, including your title, category, gender, phone number, organization (place of work), email address, Branch, etc. After that, you would click on “Next” to take you to a page where you are required to input your full names as you would like it to appear on your NBA Conference Materials. After that, you are required to click on the column that has the following statement: “I confirm that the information provided is valid and are my actual details. I shall bear responsibility for any misinformation contained herein.” When you click on it, you would see “proceed to payment.” Click on it and you would be re-directed to another page. Note that you have several options for payment. You can choose to pay with your ATM Card, or you can select to pay online vide Internet Banking. You can alternatively choose to pay at a Bank’s Branch, etc. Select the applicable/desired option, depending on your choice and the platform would automatically redirect you to the desired destination, for you to make payment.

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5) What next after I successfully make payment? You would receive an email from Remita, informing you that you have successfully paid. Note that your Receipt for the Payment made is attached to this email. Immediately thereafter, you would receive another email, this time from “NBA Conference 2019.” The email has the subject: “Successful Registration- NBA Conference 2019” and contains your Transaction Reference Code and Login details, including the link and your password. Using your email as your user name and imputing the password on the link provided, you would easily have access to the Dashboard for the NBA Conference 2019 registration portal, where you are expected to upload your passport photo, provide the location you would like to pick your conference materials from, etc. Alternatively, you may login by clicking on after which you click on Login, to insert your email and password.

6) What are the numbers to call if I have difficulties or I need clarification regarding NBA Conference 2019 Registration or the NBA-AGC? The NBA Conference 2019 Help Desk is always available to render all assistance as you may require to ensure a smooth registration as well as for information regarding the NBA-AGC 2019. The numbers to call are 09031500091, 09031500092, 09031500096 and 09031500098. You have the option of sending an email to Please feel free to call or email them. They would immediately assist.

7) Where would the 2019 NBA Conference hold? The venue for the 2019 NBA-AGC is Eko Hotel & Towers, the largest hotel in Lagos, located at the heart of the high-brow Victoria Island, just before the popular Bar Beach.

8) When is the 2019 NBA Conference taking place? The Conference would hold on August 23 –29, 2019. A Muslim Jumaat Service is scheduled for Friday, 23 August 2019 to be followed on Sunday (25/08/2019) by a multi-denominational church service. Collection of conference materials would commence on August 23, 2019. The Conference would start with a Pre- AGC-NEC Meeting, which is scheduled to take place at the Main Lecture Auditorium, Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus on 25 August 2019. The Opening ceremony is on Monday (26/08/2019). After a Welcome and Opening remarks from the TCCP Chairman and the NBA President respectively, there would be a goodwill message and keynote address respectively by the Attorney-General & Minister for Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Mr. Horacio Bernardes Neto, President, International Bar Association. The 2019 NBA-AGC is then declared open by the Hon Chief Justice of the Federation. Closing remark by the TCCP Co-Chair would wrap up the opening ceremony and usher Conferees into the first plenary, and so on.

9) President, International Bar Association

10) What about Hotel Accommodation for Conferees Coming from Outside Lagos State? The NBA TCCP through its Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is now concluding arrangements to release to the general public a comprehensive list of NBA-Partner Hotels & Guest Houses for the NBA-AGC 2019. See this When the list is out, you can make your hotel reservations towards the Conference at discounted rates. In the meantime, it is extremely important that you are cautious and very careful in relating with anyone else that comes to you with promises or offers relating to hotel reservations for the NBA Conference 2019. You need to shine your eyes because This Is Lagos! To be forewarned is to forearmed!

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11) Where would I have a view of the 2019 NBA Conference Program and topics to be discussed during the 2019 NBA Conference? A visit to would immediately expose you to the “Provisional Program” for the NBA-AGC 2019 as well as the topics to be discussed at the Conference in line with the theme of the Conference: FACING THE FUTURE! Numerous incisive and exciting papers would be presented by the Experts, Lords & Masters in the various fields and highly enlightening, enriching and edifying discussions would follow each paper presentation. Have a look at some of the topics that are slated to be discussed at the Conference sessions — Code of Conduct Tribunal as a clash of judicial and executive powers; Essential Drivers for capacity building in the Oil & Gas Sector; Clogs Militating against the future of the Legal Profession in Nigeria; Role of International Trade to Nigeria’s Economic Development; Rudiments of Law Firm Management; Challenges & Prospects of Nigerian Electoral Reforms; Role of Electronic Evidence in Election Petition; Legal Services Delivery By Foreign In-House Counsel; Legal & Regulatory Framework for Corporate Nigeria; Role of Technology in Justice Administration; The Incursion of Multi-disciplinary Firms; Security and Human Rights Issues in Nigeria ; Role of Sukuk (Islamic financing) and the Future of Infrastructure Financing in Nigeria; Powering Social-Economic Development Through Public-Private Partnership; Regulating Digital Trade Legal Services and Cross-border Legal Services; Modern Trends in Evidence; Gathering and Presenting Evidence in the Digital Age; the National Legal Aid Strategy; Trafficking in Persons; Legal Intervention on Issues of Gender Equality and Female Empowerment; Making the Bar more Visible in the Political Space; Future of Legal Practice & Professional Legal Regulation; Professional Ethics & Review of the Legal Practitioners Act; Tax & Digitalization of Taxation to promote Responsibility and Accountability; Maritime Law; Kidnapping and Terrorism; Promoting synergy between Bar & Bench; Rules of Engagement versus Human Rights of Citizens as they relate to operation of Nigerian Security Agents, and many more.

12) Who are the Speakers and Panelists at the Conference? Take a look at the paper presenters, speakers, and session chairmen and members for the NBA-AGC 2019: . The quality of the persons being showcased and whose knowledge, expertise and experience you stand to benefit from during the Conference is a a fact that speaks for itself, as in Res Ipsa Loquitur! The Conference is packed full with owners of idea and the Who is Who in the Legal Practice and Regulatory Industry as well as gurus from other relevant fields. The aim is to fully realize the objective of the in line with the chosen them: Facing the Future! It is better felt than imagined. So, there is no reason prospective Conferees are sure to have the worth of their Conference Registration Fees paid!

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13) How prepared is Eko Hotels to Host the Large Number of Conferees? As preparations for the 2019 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA-AGC 2019) gathers momentum, the Management of Eko Hotels and Suites, proposed venue for the Conference, has assured the Technical Committee on the Conference Planning (TCCP) of its readiness to smoothly and successfully host the event. See for yourself:

14) Are there going to be other side events to lighten up the NBA Conference 2019. Or is it going to be Paper presentation and session discussions only? Beside the paper presentations and session discussions, the TCCP has lined up several other useful, entertaining and lively social, professional and cultural displays and events to lighten up the Conference and make it a carnival and holiday sort of. Cultural musical and dancing troupes have been arranged from across the length and breadth of country, to perform at the Conference. Other social activities, such as comedy shows, cocktail, the popular Mami Market tradition, relaxation and friendship centers to encourage further networking and interactions among Conferees will follow. And then the annual soccer tournament! The 2019 NBA Conference is scheduled to be a Conference to Beat! Each Conferee would go back to base, far better and more professionally equipped and experienced that he or she came!

15) How do I remain in the know and keep up-to-date about the 2019 NBA Conference? Visit for all information and updates on the Conference. You may also call 09031500091, 09031500092, 09031500096, 09031500091. Besides, the Chairman of the Publicity Sub-Committee of the 2019 NBA-AGC TCCP is always available on 08039685936 to offer relevant assistance regarding updates on the Conference. Feel free to get in touch.

16) And then, what about Conference Materials? There is no-gainsaying that Conferees are entitled to have their usual Conference materials. But in 2019, TCCP has done much more,  by taking reasonably necessary steps to avoid all errors of the past. The objective is to ensure that all registered Conferees get their conference materials in good and right time. This is in compliance with the advertised theme for the Conference: Facing the Future! The future belongs to the pragmatists and realists. The future is about being proactive, effective and efficient. As John C. Maxwell puts it, “if you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.”

So, the TCCP is working along the wise words of author Nora Roberts said in the book, Morrigan’s Cross, “[we] know what you want, [we] work to get it, but then [you have to] value it once you have it.” The overall aim it to change what we can and manage what we can’t, with a view to giving Nigerian Lawyers and other NBA-AGC 2019 Conferees the best possible there is. So, why not hurry and register to be a part of this history-making and memory-stimulating NBA Conference? Thank you. Looking forward to welcoming you to the popular, lush and gigantic EKO Hotel in August 2019.

I am yours respectfully,

Sylvester Udemezue


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