NBA Ikeja Branch Suspends YLF Chairman over Insubordination

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The Dele Oloke led Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikeja Branch has suspended the Chairman of the branch’s Young Lawyers’ Forum over an alleged insubordination.

The above is contained in a press release by the Secretary of the branch which was issued after the branch’s executive meeting held on Monday, 9th September, 2019.

In the press statement YLF is alleged to have scheduled a training/seminar program for a fee which is to be paid cash contrary to laid down procedures, an act the Executive viewed as insubordination.

According to the press statement;

The attention of the Executive committee of NBA Ikeja branch has been drawn to a publication purportedly from the Young Lawyers’ Forum of the branch, calling on lawyers to attend a training/seminar for a fee, which shall be paid in cash at the venue.

The seminar and fee schedule were fixed without the knowledge and approval of the Executive.

Gentlemen, it is no longer news that the hallmark of both the Paul Usoro (SAN)-led National and Dele Oloke-led branch executive of NBA is transparency and financial probity. It was to this end that the Ikeja branch at its monthly meeting of July 2018, prohibited cash collection of any kind. It is a wonder why the young lawyers of the branch decided to embark on such brazen disregard to the foundational policy of the branch. No other reason can be adduced other than a deliberate act of insubordination and an attempt to discredit the efforts of the executive.

 Gentlemen, The Branch has an account solely dedicated to the Young Lawyers Forum wherein all funds received for the activities of our younger colleagues are paid and wherefrom all their activities are funded.

Furthermore, by the Uniform Bye- Laws of NBA, all monies of the branch are to be housed by the treasurer and the signatures of the chairman and treasurer (or the secretary in exceptional circumstances) are required for any withdrawal.

The young Lawyers forum of NBA Ikeja is not a parallel government or arm of NBA. It is not a separate branch. It does not operate by a separate rule.

Therefore, at the Executive Meeting of our branch, held on Monday, 9th September 2019, whereat the Chairman of the YLF, was given a right of audience, the Executive committee resolved to hereby suspend the purported seminar.

 The chairman of the YLF is hereby suspended and is to hand over to the Vice Chairman immediately. Other sanctions shall be communicated to members in due course.


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