Oyo Judiciary Inaugurates Multi-Door Court House Governing Board


THE Chief Judge of Oyo state, Justice Mukhtar Abimbola on Wednesday inaugurated members of the Oyo State Multi-Door Courthouse Governing Board in line with Section 6 (1) and (2) of the Oyo state Multi-Door Courthouse Law 2017, to further enhance quick justice dispensation in the state.

The nine-man governing board is made up of seasoned jurists, arbitrators and mediators, who had all contributed to the development of the justice system both nationally and internationally.

Speaking at the inauguration, Justice Abimbola stated that the board inauguration is not based on whims and caprices of judicial officers but on the provisions of the law, adding that each member is selected based on particular sections of the law guiding the process.

According to him, the Multi-Door Court has helped to reduce the cases before the court and judicial adjudication, the new step in judiciary is different from judicial administration.

“86 cases have been resolved and closed before the Multi-Door Court House, 11 cases have been withdrawn from normal courts to be heard by the Multi-Door Court House, 27 cases are ongoing, 29 are awaiting submission by parties while only nine have been returned to the normal courts for hearing.

“The Multi-Door Courthouse has helped to settle cases expeditiously and I want to thank all the nominees for accepting to serve and contribute their quota in ensuring that the judiciary does the job it is expected to do through the Multi-Door Court House, Justice Abimbola stated.

The inaugurated governing board members are retired Justice Lambe Olajire Arasi (chairman), who was inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (b) of the Oyo state Multi-Door Courthouse Law 2017; Justice Ladiran Akintola, inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (b); Justice Adenike Adeeyo, inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (b); Mr Oluseun Abimbola, the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice in Oyo state, inaugurated under inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (c); Mr Bayo Adenipekun (SAN), inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (d) and Mrs Funmi Roberts, inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (d).

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Others are Mr Adewale Okeyode Adesina, inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (f); Mr Kehinde Aina, inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (g) and Mrs A.E. Gade, inaugurated under Section 6 (2) (e).

The Chief Judge administered the oath on all the members of the governing board and reminded them of the importance of the Multi-Door Courthouse to the administration of justice, emphasising that their duties have been laid out in the law establishing the Multi-Door Court House.

He reiterated that the Multi-Door Court House is primarily to improve access to justice and ensure that cases are settled within the shortest time possible.



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