Poetic Side: Equity Is Not a Magic Wand – Bolaji Ramos

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Save the existence of Law,
Equity is naught but a genius
That wouldn’t have been conceived
In the first place.

Idealism that never attains realism—
A fairy fantasy by the Chancery
A coital delusion by an impotent
An academic exercise for the classroom.

A storey building
Carved and constructed on nothingness—
Ask Lord Denning
What will become of such foolishness.

Equity is not a magic wand!

Equity breeds
On the tenements of Law—
Law is the Lord and the Landlord,
The recipient of the due and the residue.

Equity is not a magic wand!

Equity is the Servant and the Tenant,
The payer of the due,
The slave to the residue
The spermatozoon that moves
Only in the seminal fluids of Law.

Equity is not a magic wand!

Law conceived Equity
Law birthed Equity
Equity must follow the Law.
There is no Equity without Law
There is no Court of Equity
Without a Court of Law.
Let man suspends his inequitable attitude,
And Equity becomes dead on arrival
For …..

Equity is not a magic wand

-Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyrighted 03132019

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