Poetic Side: The Courtroom Goddess – Bolaji Ramos


Today I saw Themis in the courtroom
But she carried neither a sword nor a broom.
With me she sat in the rowdy bar
At a distance that is neither close nor far.

Her spells traveled far and wide
From the bottom of my lusty tide
To the table top of the Judge’s portion,
Through the court’s nook, cranny and junction.

‘I must, today, play this court game doubly’,
I said to my derailing heart assuredly.
I laboured so hard to win her quaint gaze
Or some popcorn from her bewitching maize.

Since looking makes no offence or crime
Should I sacrifice a little from my legal time
To impose my unnoticed self on her majesty
Perhaps I could receive some fires of sanity?

From the high-up judicial bench,
The Judge too perceived the goddess’s stench
And My Lord too was held spellbound
To the lady-lawyer’s Circe-like sound.

In split seconds, My Lord’s eyes met my eyes
As both of us sought to ride the same bus.
I must act faster than My Lord’s gavel,
Faster than My Lord’s roving eyes’ travel.

‘May I borrow your pen, Learned One’,
I opened at last a sonorous conversation.
She cast on me that Medusa gaze,
That set my composure still and ablaze.

‘Why not’, she said with a flowery smile
And my heart shattered into daffodils for a while.
She handed me the pen with her soft hand,
Sensation struck me like a magic wand.

Just as I started thinking of my second step
I heard the voice, ‘can I ask for some help?’
I screamed and scrambled for the offer
As it may mean an opportunity proper.

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‘I just need some explanation on my case file
May I take your time for a short while?’
I whispered to her that we must go out
Out of hearing; out of the sight of court.

As she stood up, My Lord and I saw it all
Learned colleagues at the bar also saw it all—
A figure like eight, a stunning hour glass
Winged nymph of the aquatic Siren class.

We took a bow to be excused from court
A bow to shy away from the prying pot
A bow to consult, consort and cohabit
A bow to relate, recreate and rejuvenate.

She was everything against the Rules
Too beautiful like the morning sky’s blues.
She was everything against sobriety
Too bewitching like Aphrodite’s notoriety.

She was everything against the Rules
Her sensuous hips carved in fitted mini.
She was everything against sobriety
Her mammary prowess peeping from her camisole.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyrighted 20032019


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