Poetic Side: The Hates in the Hate Speech Law – Bolaji Ramos


There are three hates
The Hate Speech Law!
And just like the disjointed clouds in the sky,
They come in different degrees and pedigrees!

There is the hate
From the expressionists of extremism!
The hate
From the expressionists of hypocrisy!
And the hate
From the expressionists of ignorance!

To drop atomic missiles in Hiroshima
Without S.E.P.E.R.A.T.I.N.G
The rebels from the vulnerables,
In an attempt to curtail the Great War
Is still hate!
This is the unpleasantness of extremism.

To remain mute at the altar of smother
Where the Jews are slaughtered
For their supposed stinking creed,
And the Christians are pampered
For their assumed holy breed
Is still hate!
This is the danger of hypocrisy.

To issue a damning fatwa or syllogism
Without foundational knowledge
Or at least, a thorough scholarly voyage
Or at least, a consultation with experts
On a matter that requires expertise
Is still hate!
This is the cacophony of ignorance.

There is the hate
From the expressionists of ignorance—
Those who are issue-myopic,
Yet they have the mouths of prophets of doom
They don’t know, they won’t ask, but they spit poisons!
There is the hate
From the expressionists of extremism—
Those who would not sort out
The obvious good from the bad.
To them, the end justifies the inglorious means!
And there is the hate
From the expressionists of hypocrisy—
Those whose ardent opinion on the law
Is based on who sponsored the Bill,
Is based on their ethnic and political affiliations!

When we throw A.W.A.Y
The baby with the sewage water,
We throw away a nation with its problems!
And we throw away our nation with its problems,
We become hermits of our own malicious making,
Wandering the terrains of other people’s land

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— Bolaji RAMOS, Esq.

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