Poetic Side: The Lord Earls – Bolaji Ramos


In the beginning…
There was Common Law,
Common Law was there.
There was Law Common,
Law Common was there.
But Lord Earls
Cried foul of Common Law’s harshness
And Law Common’s perceived injustice
And Common Law’s conceived absurdity
And Law Common’s consistent stupidity.

At the dawn of time,
Lord Earls smothered Common Law
They smothered Common Law.
Lord Earls suffocated Law Common
They suffocated Law Common,
And Equity was fathered as dues ex machina,
They smothered Common Law.
And Equity was christened to follow the Law
They suffocated Common Law
Till Equity turned harshness to softness
They smothered Common Law
Till Equity started mothering injunctions
They smothered Common Law.

Ever since….
Injunctions became instruments
Of life and death
In the dangerous hands of Lord Earls.
Interim injunction
Granted without just or jurisdiction—
Is it still Equity or could it be the law?
Interlocutory injunction
Ordered without juice or justification—
Is it still Equity or should it be the law?
Mandatory injunction
Granted without life and blood—
Is it still Equity or would it be the law?
Five interim injunctions
Granted to halt a court of coordinate jurisdiction,
How can that be Equity or the law?
Five interim injunctions
Ordered by Cain to hand-tie Abel,
Shouldn’t that earn questionable Earls a letter?

-Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyright 2018

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