Stop the New Legal Year Ceremony Jamboree – Adesina Ogunlana Writes Lagos CJ

Adesina Ogunlana

Mr. Adesina Ademola Ogunlana, right activist and the immediate past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikeja Branch has asked the newly appointed Chief Judge of Lagos State, Hon. Justice K. O Alogba to “kindly stop” what he referred to as “the New Legal Year Jamboree in the Lagos State Judiciary”.

The above is contained in an open letter to the CJ by the Ex Chair.

Read below:

Milord, Hon The Chief Judge,

May I once again offer my hearty and sincere bouquet of well wishes on your appointment as the new Chief Judge of Lagos State , the acclaimed centre of the nation’s excellence. And I with utmost gratitude appreciate your open and friendly exchange of courtesies and pleasantries with my good self just a few days ago at the grounds of the Ikeja High court .However, I must hasten to say that I am perturbed that your Lordship’s administration appears to have imbibed in toto the about a decade long tradition of using an entire working week to celebrate New Legal Years as can be seen in the published programme of events for the 2019/2020.
A whole week of celebrations,is a week , in my humble view, too long for, given the very heavy schedule of a necessarily overburdened JUDICIARY in a city state of about 20 million people but with only about 55 High Court judges and about 140 magistrate courts . Even a cursory look at the programme of events must leave any committed nation builder aghast – two out of the five days are for ‘ Medical Screening’ of judiciary staff while another day is for an evening ‘Ball’

Milord , I am of the considered view that the timing of the medical screening of staff is hugely misplaced , considering the fact it could have been conducted more systematically during the long vacation and not in the gbarogudu fashion it must take now – how does one achieve a thorough MS of hundreds of workers in two days? Of course, many if not most of the workers will take the two days as another holiday, albeit unofficial. As for the Friday Ball , it can easily be tucked in into the folds of the evening of Tuesday the 24th September 2019 after the holding of the Summit on CRIMINAL JUSTICE SECTOR . In this wise,, we have a compact , meaningful 2 day programme instead of a slack 5 day programme highly wasteful of crucial judicial hours
The prime position and standing of the Judiciary as a pillar of the Society should be deeply appreciated by the legal profession in general and the Judiciary itself in particular and where do cognizant of her pivotal role must put the interests of the people first first and first jn her deliberations and actions .

Milord, I pray that the grace of the Almighty shall abide with you all through your tenure and at the end of same, may it be recorded for your Lordship in the positive that ‘ THERE GOES A CAESAR, WHEN COMETH ANOTHER? ‘..

Very Respectfully Yours

Adesina Ogunlana , ESQ, BPA

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