The Judicial Lynching of Justice Onnoghen – Ozekhome SAN

Mike Ozekhome SAN

I had predicted it since January when this national discourse started, that Onnoghen stood no chance of surviving the presidential and executive onslaught, using the CCT, as its attack dog. Article after article, television discussion after television discussion, I hammered on the fact that Onnoghen stood no chance because the government was working from the answer to the question.

There was no fair hearing at all, going by the indices of fair hearing. The entire judiciary became complicit, in cahoot with the Executive, to lynch one of their own. It’s heart-rending that a whole Court of Appeal would refuse to deliver judgement and rulings on matters argued before it, some of which had the potential of stopping the entire farcical trial of Onnoghen, months after they were argued. They looked the other way, while Onnoghen’s trial was being rushed on a daily basis as if it had become our nation’s Fundamental Objective and Directive Principles of State Policy. Nothing mattered except Onnoghen’s trial and conviction. At all cost.

Those members of the Judiciary who have contributed in one way or the other to bring down Onnoghen and humiliate him are awaiting their turn. Today, tomorrow, or in the future. Yes, read my lips. What goes around comes around. Where is the place of Ngajiwa’s case? It was roughly discarded as of no moment. Selective justice, you would say.

Why is there palpable unending persecution of Justice Ofili-Ajumoghobia, who was promptly re-arrested and again charged to court after her discharge and acquittal? What of Justice Gladys Olotu who has been under sordid persecution and state and judicial-sponsored persecution and ordeal for over 5 years? What did she do wrong, other than that some powers that be wanted her out of office at all cost to satiate their dirty egos?

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What have the transducers of Ajumoghobia and Olotu gained other than ephemeral pyrrhic victory whose ricocheting effects cannot yet be appreciated or imagined? These guys are collectively destroying the Judiciary by instalments, and some idiotic and myopic people are clapping for immediate political and ephemeral gains. When the chips are down, they would regret gnash their teeth and swallow their pride.

Today, Onnoghen has been judicially lynched, media – lynched, persecuted, humiliated, brow beaten and harassed. It could be your turn tomorrow. Go and read the immortal words of Martin Neimoller (1946).

Culled from Chief Ozekhome SAN’s Facebook Page


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