The NBA Ikorodu Leadership Tussle, Speaking to all Role Players – Charity Fagade’s Account

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The recent leadership tussle in the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikorodu Branch took a turn for the worst with the suspension of the Chairman of the Branch Mr. Bayo Akinlade by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the NBA at its quarterly meeting held in Abuja on Thursday, 28th March, 2019.

Many have argued for and against the suspension of Mr. Akinlade by the NEC while many have remained confused about the real story behind the crisis. DNL Legal and Style brings you the account of the leadership crisis straight from the role players.

What they have said will not only assist lawyers in understanding the genesis of the crisis but would help stakeholders in making informed decisions.

We encourage our readers to read the various sides of the stories as told by Mr. Akinlade, (Chairman of the Branch),  Alhaji Nurudeen Ogbara, (Past Chairman of the branch), Mr. Ezekiel Ogbaide (Vice Chairman of the branch), Mrs. Gloria Odibei-Cassius (Newly elected Vice Chairman of the branch) and Mrs. Charity Fagade (Past Treasurer of the branch)

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Mrs. Charity Fagade (She Issued the Receipt, altered and Countersigned it) 

I was the treasure of the branch in 2016. At that time, we had an internal crisis relating to cash control. The Treasurer, the Chairman and the Financial Secretary were all issuing receipts and dealing with cash, there was an audit that happened around that period and some financial minded people raised eye brow to the effect that money should only be collated by the Treasurer and receipt should be issued by me for any amount collated. In fact it even being deliberated that money should be paid to the bank and the teller submitted to me. There was an issue like that. So, the then Financial Secretary stopped issuing receipt. It then happened that on the 4th of April, I was given money and a sheet of paper containing Gloria Cassius’ and two other people’s name. What I used to do was to give receipt on the day money was handed down to me. I issued the receipt for the three of them on the day that the money got to me which was the 4th of April, 2016 and sent to them. Within the week Gloria came to my office. Now, even though she and I were in the Exco, we weren’t close, she had never been to my office and it was a pleasant surprise for her to come around.

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So, she made a complaint  that she had given her money to the Financial Secretary who ordinarily was issuing receipt but stopped because of the financial control issue I mentioned earlier. What the Financial Secretary did was to give the money to one of the people that went to him to pay money to bring it to me at the meeting on 4th of April 2016. I felt it was a simple correction and that all I needed to do was to confirm from the Financial Secretary when she gave the money because we were all Exco members.  So, all I did was confirm from the Fin Sec and once he confirmed it I was like it is not a big deal. I collected the receipt from her and altered the receipt to reflect the date she gave the money to the Fin Sec which was the fair thing to do and we all parted ways. That was it o.

This was long before she declared the interest to contest for anything. In that year she contested for something, I don’t know, there is always internal issues, godfatherism and all. Then suddenly they called me to confirm if I was the one that altered the receipt. What I didn’t like  is the fact that some persons will stand and dispute something about a person who is alive. I have said it several times. I issued the receipt, I altered the date on the receipt, I counter signed the receipt last year when the issue became too much and I am still alive.  I don’t know what people gain in some of these issues. At some point they began to argue that the signature was not mine. This is crazy.

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