The NBA Ikorodu Leadership Tussle, Speaking to all Role Players – Ezekiel Ogbaide’s Account

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The recent leadership tussle in the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Ikorodu Branch took a turn for the worst with the suspension of the Chairman of the Branch Mr. Bayo Akinlade by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the NBA at its quarterly meeting held in Abuja on Thursday, 28th March, 2019.

Many have argued for and against the suspension of Mr. Akinlade by the NEC while many have remained confused about the real story behind the crisis. DNL Legal and Style brings you the account of the leadership crisis straight from the role players.

What they have said will not only assist lawyers in understanding the genesis of the crisis but would help stakeholders in making informed decisions.

We encourage our readers to read the various sides of the stories as told by Mr. Akinlade, (Chairman of the Branch),  Alhaji Nurudeen Ogbara, (Past Chairman of the branch), Mr. Ezekiel Ogbaide (Vice Chairman of the branch), Mrs. Gloria Odibei-Cassius (Newly elected Vice Chairman of the branch) and Mrs. Charity Fagade (Past Treasurer of the branch)

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Mr. Ezekiel Ogbaide 

On His Series of Petition to the National Body 

My first petition was regarding my disqualification as the Vice Chairman of the branch. It was on the basis of that petition that the 2nd Vice President was asked to come and intervene. The 2nd Vice President came and made recommendation to NEC that Election should be held for that position but that the President of the Bar would approve the recommendation and would send delegates from the National to witness the election when the election was to be held. So, we have been waiting for the president to react but he has not. That was what informed my second petition. Simply to say that the directive of the 2nd Vice President has not been followed.

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In 2016, Gloria and I were supposed to contest for election for different offices. When the branch electoral committee screened us, they cleared me and she was disqualified based on her 2016 branch due receipt which she actually altered because as at then two of us were best of friends. In fact she confided in me that she was the one that altered that receipt.  But somewhere along the line when the Chairman then Mr. Adikwaone fell apart with our own group, he crossed to the other group who were already waiting to accept him and find a way to get at us. When that happened, she came to me that she wanted to contest, I told her you still have issues with your receipt she said and I quote: “Power is now with us and we can do anything”. Based on that I said to her I am sure you will not contest because you will be disqualified. That was the basis of the issues.

She was first appointed as member of the electoral committee to handle the election. After their first meeting at the committee, she resigned and decided to contest. So, when she said that, because of power play between; Adikwaone and Akinlade, her new found loves, she now got two persons to swear to those affidavits claiming that they were the ones that altered the receipt just to protect her. That started these whole hassles we are going through. We never knew that those affidavits were even sworn to until the BEMC. The National Team came and unraveled the affidavit issue. That was the genesis of the issues on ground. Because the sentiment with which Adikwaone went to them was that we wanted to impeach him. Simply because we asked him to account for some money that was used for our law week which he spent by himself and which he couldn’t explain. We said to him that, if you cannot explain it, you must refund the money.  Based on that, he crossed to their own camp and they now started saying we wanted to impeach him.

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Between me and her she knows that she is telling lies. It is because she has gathered support from the group where she belongs

But in the over all, if Mr. Akinlade had waited for the NBA President to speak on the report and had sent people as the report indicated, I would not have a problem. But the report was explicit, it said we should wait for the President’s action and that action has not been taken.

All I ask for is do things properly. Also the issue of that alteration of her receipt. I am not satisfied with the decision of the 2nd Vice President because there were issues I didn’t want to take up, but having seen the report, I began to reflect on those issues and they were all contained in my petition.


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