Accessing NBA Membership Portal: For Previously Verified Members (See Videos for Further Guide)


1. That you are previously verified means that;

a. You know and have your Supreme Court Enrolment Number (E.G. SCN111111) and;

b. You regularly receive emails from the NBA National Secretariat.

If these two conditions do not apply to you, then you will need to get verified.

2. To access the membership portal, simply visit the NBA Website and find the Membership Portal icon (

3. You will find yourself on the log in page of the Membership Portal. Here, you should click Forget Password.

4. On the Forget Password Page, you should input your Supreme Court Enrolment number and submit. Note: In doing this, ensure the alphabets and figures are typed together – without spacing (E.G. SCN111111). You will get a prompt response: Password Reset Email sent.

5. For the reason that the NBA has record of your email address, an automated message will be delivered to your registered email address. It will contain your Supreme Court enrolment number and temporary password.

6. Upon receipt of this message in your email, you are to return to the membership portal. Here, we advise you copy and paste your Supreme Court enrolment number and password from the inbox of your email. This is to avoid or rule out any mistake while inputting your log in details.

7. A log in click will lead you to your membership portal where you will be immediately requested to change your password from the temporary password sent to you by the NBA.

8. Ensure you change your password and have for yourself an “easy to remember” password.

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9. At the end of this, you will find yourself on your membership portal and you may go ahead to update your details, if there is any need to do so.

For complaints, send an email to

Akorede Habeeb Lawal
Assistant National Publicity Secretary


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