Call for Articles for Publication in the NBA-SLP Journal

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The Editorial Committee of Section on Legal Practice Law Journal (SLPJ) calls for well-researched articles, interrogating topical and contemporary legal issues or recent developments in the law.

Contributions must be original, written only in the active voice and should not have been submitted elsewhere for publication or presentation. The title of every article should be concise, clear and describe what the paper is about. Authors have the responsibility of ensuring that the material submitted does not infringe copyright, plagiarise other work, is not obscene, defamatory or otherwise litigious or unlawful and contributors are to use footnotes.

Names, addresses, title, telephone and e-mail addresses of contributors should be provided at the footnote on the first page of the article after an asterisk before any reference numbering.

Contributions should be typed on Microsoft word, Times New Roman, font size 12, on A4 paper and not exceeding 20 pages. An abstract of not more than 150 words should also be submitted with the contribution. Papers should be clearly marked for the attention of the Editor-in-Chief and sent to  on or before 31/03/2020. 

The Nigerian Bar Association – Section on Legal Practice citation and referencing style shall be adopted for citation and referencing of contributions for publication.

Examples are provided below to serve as a guide;

Goldface-Irokalibe, I.J.(2007) Law of Banking In Nigeria. Malthouse Press, Lagos, Nigeria.P.3


Nwabuoku, M.O.I, (2018) Unmasking the Big Masquerade Called Ex-parte Injunction In Nigeria: Emergent Issues and The Law. Section on Legal Practice Law Journal, Vol.4, p. 105.

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Case Law
Chief Livinus Ezemegbe vs, The Nigerian Stock Exchange & 1Or. (2009) 3 NISLR 112.

Companies and Allied Matters Act, CAP 124, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Section 18.

Electronic/Web page

Denwigwe, D.C, Guide to Fundamental Rights Enforcement in Nigeria. http://www.slp-nba.html Retrieved October 21, 2018.


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