Don’t Let Akpata’s Infraction Slide – Steve Sun Takes a Swipe at ECNBA, DASAN and Ajibade

Steve Sun

Mr. Steven Nwankwo popularly known as Steve Sun has taken a swipe on one of the NBA Presidential candidate, Mr. Olumide Akpata for allegedly “not playing by the rules.
Steve Sun also dared the ECNBA as well as the other two candidates to ensure that Akpata’s “infractions” does not slide.

According to Steve Sun, “Mr. Olumide Akpata is eminently qualified to be NBA President, nay IBA President, but let him simply play the game by the rules, that’s all we’re saying! In football, not even the goalkeeper can carry the ball in his hands, run the whole length of the field and throw the ball into the opponents’ net and expect it to count as a goal!”

“Earlier this year (14th February), you distributed Valentine Gift Vouchers/souvenirs (for beauty salon treats) to female members of the Bar, of Lagos Branch, in direct violation of Section 2.3(g) of the 2nd Schedule to the NBA Constitution. A Constitution which was put in place by your Chief sponsor himself in 2015.”

“The rationalization by your supporters at that time was that you weren’t yet a candidate and that you may ultimately decide not to obtain Nomination Form. #Hissorite!
“Then later in the year, you donated the sum of #N5m for the delivery of food and beverages from #ShopRite to members of Lagos Branch; also in contravention of the aforementioned Constitutional provision!

“And once again, the rationalization by your supporters is that it was a well-intentioned, philanthropic gesture/palliative.

“Now, after you eventually submitted your nomination form, the ECNBA released their guidelines and directed that candidates/aspirants must not continue to crisscross the country in search of votes under any guise, yet you went to Uyo, Bayelsa and infamously Port Harcourt, under the guise that you went for your personal business! It’s really sad and funny at the same time!

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“Well, SHAME on the DASAN & Ajibade teams if they act dumb and let these glaring, vexatious infractions slide!

“Shame on the ECNBA if they do not hold you to account!”

Steve Sun wrote the above in reaction to the allegation that Mr. Akpata was at a victory party of one of the NBA branch election in Port Harcourt where some lawyers were alleged to have been manhandled for attempting to record the events of the day.
It would be recalled that Mr. Akpata’s supporters have also debunked the above allegation noting that Akpata’s visit was predicated on a friendship with the winner of the election which dates back.

Also reacting to the above were Mr. Kayode Enitan, SAN and Mr. Sylvester Udemezue who in separate statements raised questions regarding Mr. Akpata’s presence at the after party.


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